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Underwater Camera Hire

Sea & Sea Aquapix DX-3100

We have ten of these 3.1 mega pixel fully integrated underwater digital cameras for hire at €35/day.

They are all fitted with 128Mb Smart Media Cards, this gives you up to 180 pictures on fine resolution, which gives you lots of opportunity to learn by your mistakes.

We've found that customers photos get better as the day goes on. Your guides will also give you tips before you go out and at lunch before your second dive.

When you have finished diving at the end of the day, we will take the cameras, download your pictures to our computer in the shop and burn them onto a CD for you to take away.

We also offer this service to anyone who wants to download their digital camera photos to CD. We'll do this for a small fee of €10. We have a card reader in the shop, which will read all memory cards out there.

Nikonos V with flash

Sea & Sea 20mm wide angle lens

Wide angle lens for the above camera, which gives you better pixs underwater. An extra €10.


Nikonos V with flash

Nikonos-V 35mm

If you feel confident enough to keep your buoyancy, adjust focal length, shutter speed and still get that picture of a passing manta ray, this is the camera for you!

It comes fully loaded with film and there are plenty of places around Dahab who can develop it for you.

This also comes with a Nikonos SB-105 UW TTL Speedlight Set (flash to the uninitiated!). The whole package is yours for €55/day.


Sony Video8 camcorder

Sony Video 8 Camcorder

This can be hired with one of our underwater housings (subject to availability), for you to film your days diving.

The camcorder and housing can be hired for €60/day.