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Bulgarian A PFG 2011/12 interactive map


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Bulgarian 2011/12 season summary

  • A PFG Champions
  • PFC Ludogorets
  • Relegated from A PFG
  • Vidima-Rakovski
  • FC Kaliakra
  • PFC Svetkavitsa
  • Promoted from B PFG
  • Pirin Gotse Delchev (West)
  • FC Etar 1924 (East)
  • FC Sportist Svoge * (West)
  • Botev Plovdiv * (East)
  • Bulgarian Cup 2012
  • PFC Ludogorets 2-1 Lokomotiv Plovdiv

B PFG structure

The B PFG (B Professional Football Group) is split into West and East Divisions. The winner of each division is automatically promoted to the A PFG (A Professional Football Group).

2011/12 season B PFG play-offs

* The third promotion place is decided by a play-off between B PFG West & East teams.

2011/12 season promotion play-off

Botev Plovdiv 2-0 FC Sportist Svoge

Botev Plovdiv promoted to the A PFG for 2012/13 season.