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Portuguese bwinLIGA 2005/06 interactive map


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Portuguese 2005/06 season summary

  • bwinLIGA Champions
  • FC Porto
  • Relegated from bwinLIGA
  • Gil Vicente FC *
  • Rio Ave FC
  • Vitória SC
  • FC Penafiel
  • Promoted from Liga de Honra
  • SC Beira-Mar
  • CD Aves
  • Taça de Portugal 2006
  • FC Porto 1-0 Vitória FC

League reduction

The bwinLIGA was reduced from 18 to 16 teams for the 2006/07 season. Consequently 4 teams were relegated and 2 were promoted from the Liga de Honra in 2005/06.

The Mateus affair

* The team that actually finished in the 15th and last relegation spot was Os Belenenses, but due to a player dispute, known as the Mateus affair, Gil Vicente FC were relegated by the Portuguese League.