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Croatian 2008/09 season summary

  • Prva HNL Champions
  • NK Dinamo Zagreb
  • Relegated from Prva HNL
  • NK Croatia Sesvete *
  • Promoted from Druga HNL
  • NK Istra 1961
  • NK Karlovac
  • NK Lokomotiva Zagreb
  • NK Slavonac-CO ‡
  • NK Međimurje ‡
  • NK Hrvatski Dragovoljac *
  • Croatian Cup 2009
  • 1st leg: NK Dinamo Zagreb 3-0 HNK Hajduk Split
  • 2nd leg: HNK Hajduk Split 3-0 NK Dinamo Zagreb
  • NK Dinamo Zagreb won 4-3 on penalties.

Prva HNL 2009/10 expansion

For the 2009/10 season the Prva HNL will be expanded to 16 teams. Consequently four teams will be promoted from the Druga HNL and no team from the Prva HNL will be automatically relegated.

2008/09 season Prva HNL play-offs

* The Prva HNL team finishing 12th, goes into a play-off with the Druga HNL team finishing 5th, for the final promotion place.

2008/09 season play-off final

1st leg: NK Hrvatski Dragovoljac 0-0 NK Croatia Sesvete

2nd leg: NK Croatia Sesvete 2-1 NK Hrvatski Dragovoljac

NK Croatia Sesvete retained their place in the Prva HNL.

NK Međimurje promotion

‡ NK Slavonac-CO finished in the 4th promotion place, but failed to meet the stadium licencing agreements for top level football. They were replaced by 5th place team NK Međimurje.