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Croatian Prva HNL 2010/11 interactive map


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Croatian 2010/11 season summary

  • Prva HNL Champions
  • NK Dinamo Zagreb
  • Relegated from Prva HNL
  • NK Lokomotiva Zagreb *
  • NK Istra 1961 *
  • NK Hrvatski Dragovoljac
  • Promoted from Druga HNL
  • HNK Gorica *
  • NK Lučko
  • NK Pomorac *
  • Croatian Cup 2011
  • 1st leg: NK Dinamo Zagreb 5-1 NK Varaždin
  • 2nd leg: NK Varaždin 1-3 NK Dinamo Zagreb

* Clubs that failed to meet licencing rules

Although HNK Gorica & NK Pomorac gained promotion, they were not granted licences to play in the Prva HNL.
Consequently NK Lokomotiva Zagreb & NK Istra 1961 were reprieved from relegation.