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Czech First Liga 2008/09 interactive map


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Czech 2008/09 season summary

  • First Liga Champions
  • SK Slavia Praha
  • Relegated from First Liga
  • FC Tescoma Zlín
  • FK Viktoria Žižkov
  • Promoted from Druhá Liga
  • FC Bohemians Praha 1905
  • FC Zenit Čáslav ‡
  • 1.FC Slovácko ‡
  • Ceský Pohár 2009
  • FK Teplice 1-0 1.FC Slovácko

1.FC Slovácko promotion

‡ Although FC Zenit Čáslav qualified for promotion to the First Liga, they decided to stay in the Druhá Liga. Their place in the First Liga for the 2009/10 season was sold to 1.FC Slovácko, despite them finishing 10th in the 2008/09 Druhá Liga.

Czech domestic cup notes

The Ceský Pohár (Czech Cup) winners have only been included from the 1993/94 season onwards.

The Ceskoslovenský Pohár (Czechoslovak Cup) finals were played between the Ceský Pohár (Czech Cup) and Slovenský Pohár (Slovak Cup) winners.