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Romanian Liga I 2011/12 interactive map


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Romanian 2011/12 season summary

  • Liga I Champions
  • CFR Cluj
  • Relegated from Liga I
  • FCM Târgu Mureş
  • CSU Voinţa Sibiu
  • Sportul Studenţesc
  • CS Mioveni
  • Promoted from Liga II
  • Viitorul Constanţa (Serie 1)
  • FC Politehnica Timisoara (Serie 2) *
  • CF Gloria Bistriţa (Serie 2)
  • CSMS Iaşi (Serie 1)
  • CS Turnu Severin (Serie 2) *
  • Cupa României 2012
  • Dinamo Bucureşti 1-0 Rapid Bucureşti

* FC Politehnica Timişoara financial problems

FC Politehnica Timişoara failed to receive a licence for Liga I. The Federation decided to promote the 3rd placed team in Serie 2, CS Turnu Severin to Liga I.

Liga II structure

The Liga II is split into two divisions of 18 teams, called Serie 1 & Serie 2. The winner and runner-up of each division is automatically promoted to the Liga I.