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Italian Serie A 2013/14 interactive map


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Italian 2013/14 season summary

  • Serie A Champions
  • Juventus
  • Relegated from Serie A
  • Calcio Catania
  • Bologna FC
  • AS Livorno
  • Promoted from Serie B
  • US Palermo
  • Empoli FC
  • US Latina *
  • AC Cesena *
  • Modena FC *
  • FC Crotone *
  • AS Bari *
  • Spezia Calcio *
  • Coppa Italia 2014
  • SSC Napoli 3-1 ACF Fiorentina

The teams finishing 1st & 2nd in Serie B are promoted automatically.

2013/14 season Serie A play-offs

* The teams finishing 3rd - 8th go into the play-offs for the final promotion place.

2013/14 season promotion play-off quarter finals

FC Crotone 0-3 AS Bari

Modena FC 1-0 Spezia Calcio

2013/14 season promotion play-off semi finals

1st Leg: AS Bari 2-2 US Latina
2nd Leg: US Latina 2-2 AS Bari
  US Latina qualify due to their higher finish in the regular season

1st Leg: Modena FC 0-1 AC Cesena
2nd Leg: AC Cesena 1-1 Modena FC

2013/14 season promotion play-off final

1st Leg: AC Cesena 2-1 US Latina
2nd Leg: US Latina 1-2 AC Cesena

AC Cesena promoted to Serie A for 2014/15 season.