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Swiss 2011/12 season summary

  • Super League Champions
  • FC Basel
  • Relegated from Super League
  • FC Sion *
  • Neuchâtel Xamax ‡
  • Promoted from Challenge League
  • FC St Gallen 1879
  • FC Aarau *
  • Schweizer Pokal 2012
  • FC Basel 1-1 FC Luzern (aet)
  • FC Basel won 4-2 on pens

The bottom team from the Super League is automatically relegated & the top team from the Challenge League is automatically promoted.

‡ FC Sion & Neuchâtel Xamax

In December 2011 FC Sion were deducted 36 points for fielding ineligible players. This equalled three points deducted, for each of the 12 games that FC Sion had fielded any of the ineligible players.
Neuchatel Xamax had their Swiss Super League licence withdrawn in January 2012, due to financial irregularities. Having lost an appeal they declared themselves bankrupt on 26 January 2012. Their results stand for the other teams, as they had completed half of the season.

2011/12 season Super League play-offs

* The team finishing 9th in the Super League, goes into a play-off with the team finishing 2nd in the Challenge League, for the remaining place in the Super League.

2011/12 season play-off final

1st leg: FC Sion 3-0 FC Aarau

2nd leg: FC Aarau 1-0 FC Sion

FC Sion retain their place in the Super League.