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The GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

Downloading the GIMP

The GIMP is a freely distributed piece of software consisting of the main image manipulation package and a library package available for developers and advanced users. It can be downloaded for all three major operating systems.


The Windows version can be downloaded from GIMP for Windows.

GIMP for Windows


The Mac OSX version can be downloaded from GIMP for Mac OSX.

GIMP for Mac OSX


The Unix version can be downloaded from GIMP for Unix.

GIMP for Unix

The GIMP interface

Once you have downloaded and installed GIMP you can start the program for the first time. Initially it may be a little daunting, but if you go to our GIMP interface tutorial page, it will guide you through most of the important sections to get you started.


On some of the tutorial pages we've added links to sites where you can download GIMP Script-Fu's. These are scripts or macros that will do the described tutorial automatically for you.

We have written and linked to a few Script-Fu's for some of the tutorials descibed. These can be accessed from the Script-Fu download page, we hope to add a script for each of the tutorials in the future.

To use the script you want, download it and then copy it into your gimp scripts directory. Do a search in your GIMP folder location for *.scm files if you have trouble locating the directory.

Next open the GIMP and in the active window refresh the scripts by going to

Filters » Script-Fu » Refresh Scripts

All the Scrit-Fu's downloaded from here will now be under

Script-Fu » Underwater Photos
Download GIMP Graphics by GIMP