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GIMP gradient tutorial


Applying the gradient to your image

Open the image you wish to apply the gradient to. Click on the Select regions by colour on the main toolbar and select the colour on the image you want to apply the gradient to.

select regions by colour button
finished gradient

Reselect the Fill with a colour gradient and position the cursor where you wish to start the gradient.

start gradient

Click on the image, hold the mouse button down, move to where you want the gradient to end and release the mouse button.

apply gradient

The image should now have your gradient applied to it. Note that the foreground colour is your start of gradient and the background is your end point.

Go to

Select » None

to deselect the Select regions by colour option.

select none
applied gradient

Some set gradients

There are some very nice set gradients that you can use as well. Just double click on the Fill with a colour gradient again and choose one you like. The gradient will go in any direction that you want, experiment with it.

top left to botttom right gradient

Now follow the steps above to apply it to your image for some funky affects.

rainbow gradient
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