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GIMP gradient tutorial


Freehand brushed gradients

Choose a freehand tool

If you want to use a freehand gradient, follow these instructions.

Click on the Paintbrush tool on the GIMP toolbox, to make it active.

tool options dialogue

Then in the active window open the Tool Options dialogue

Windows » Dockable Dialogs » Tool Options
tool options dialogue

Paintbrush tool options

This opens the Tool Options dialogue for the Paintbrush as shown below.

Click on the Use color from gradient option to make it active.

choose use color from gradient

Now that the Use color from gradient options are available, change the various options to suit the type of gradient you wish to apply.

Firstly choose the type and size of brush stroke from the Brush option.

Second choose the gradient from the Gradient list (in this case 'Tropical Colors').

Now set the length that you want the gradient to be in the Length option.

Lastly choose the Repeat type.

adjust brushed gradient options

Create a new image and brush away to see how it works. Gradients can also be used with the Pencil and Airbrush tools. Just make either one active and follow the instruction above to use them.

brushed gradient finished
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