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Ceri doing the Ursula Andress thing in Sulawesi

Ceri is an ex-electronics inspector and now a full time and very proud mum.

She met up with Dean in the late 90's and found that despite his wild party reputation he was really quite domestic. Well mostly.

As the millennium approached she and Dean embarked on a month long adventure across SE Asia. They started saving as soon as they got back and embarked again in 2000 for 6 months holiday in Indonesia.

Here Ceri showed her star qualities in adversity, on lots of occasions. Notably, nursing Dean through malaria in the wilds of Sulawesi.

They both came back and after flitting around various friends and relatives houses in Pompey, moved into a flat with Martin in 2001. Ceri took over domestic duties, as there was a distinct lack of organisation at the time! She can possibly lay claim to keeping Martin alive during those months, as cooking was never a high priority for him. He had to endure Dido being played on his CD player at full whack every Thursday night for it though. A small price to pay most would say, but he says he's still scarred from the experience!

She saved money again and she and Dean flew off to start a new life in the diving community of Dahab.

After a couple of years in Egypt discovered she was pregnant and moved back to Pompey to have a lovely baby girl called Jasmine.

They then returned to Dahab, to in Ceri's case become the most sought after chef in Dahab and in Jasmine's case to become the most popular kid in the dive outfits and Tota's bar.

We like her to wear bright colours, because she's so petite we'd lose her otherwise!