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Dean working (right) ... on the Sakara

Dean is a carpenter, just like Jesus, but unlike Jesus he works Sundays. Well actually he's nothing like Jesus, although he has ended up in the middle east!

He too found clubbing was a full time job, but unlike Martin he did make it his full time job!

Having done a couple of stints on Israeli kibbutz's, knew Dahab pretty well, but could never afford to dive there. In the late 90's joined Martin and Craig (short guy, don't get him drunk, now teaching Pompey English in Jakarta... God help them!) on a trip across Israel and Egypt. Already totally hooked on diving (in Portsmouth's Hasler Lake, you gotta be keen!) took advanced level while there.

He met up with Ceri in 1999 and after 6 months of domestic bliss, decided to test the relationship by going to SE Asia. Found that they didn't end up killing each other and enjoyed white sand beaches, tropical corals, Bintang beer and travel irons (boy were they organised!).

Came back to the UK and started saving... Martin shows up (6 months late, as usual) and they agree a business in Egypt would be a good idea. At this stage they had no idea what, although it had to be linked to diving.

Despite too many late nights and too much money spent, he managed to get a one way ticket to Dahab (via Sharm), with the intention of getting his IDC and becoming a dive instructor. The date? 14th September 2001, timing is everything... it was a quiet diving year in Egypt!! Luckily for them and Egypt generally, world events come and go. Dahab is and always has been a relaxed place to be. So, fun, hundreds of diving students later and a baby on the way, Dean persuaded Martin an underwater photography company was a great idea.

Dean is now, as in Pompey, an established character in Dahab. And also one of the best and most requested instructors ever (is that a big enough write up mate?).

He's still 6 months older than Martin though. I have editorial power here, so I get the last say smile