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Martin taking on the Komodo Dragon

Martin is an electronics engineer with a wander lust, which probably accounts for the fact that he has been contracting across the UK for the last 20 years.

He met up with Dean in the 90's and found out about the wonders of Dahab, from Dean's stories of weekends spent there, while he was kibbutzing in Israel.

In the late 90's he did some travelling through Israel and Egypt and ended up in Dahab. One snorkel trip at the Lighthouse persuaded him that diving might be a fun thing to do. Found that it was. He believes that being taught by a dive instructor whose nickname was Roach, accounts for his laid back diving technique.

In November 1999, after a few returns each year and an 18 month contract in Wolverhampton (you can get less for manslaughter) decided to sell up and buy a year ticket round the world.

Was meant to spend 3 months in SE Asia and 9 months in Australia, New Zealand and Tonga. Planning and sticking to plans was never his specialist subject...

Loved SE Asia and met some fantastic fellow travellers there, so much so he spent 8 months there. Eventually got to Australia and whilst in Melbourne realised that his year would be up in just over a week. Southern hemisphere or England in November? It was a tough choice. Ditched his air ticket, got a ticket to New Zealand for a month, another 2 months in Australia and then SE Asia again for 3 months, before reality and a stroppy bank manager called him back to the UK.

Met up with Dean & Ceri again and over many serious planning meetings (planning? You gotta be kidding) in various Pompey pubs decided on setting up this company in Dahab.

Now officially a sleeping (some might say comatose) partner in Tanked Up. Residing in Solihull and working in Birmingham, the Sinai & Switzerland for the last 10 years, so judging by his previous time in the Midlands his next trip abroad will be permanent!

Solihull... a place that has more tanning & beauty salons than pubs, not a good sign. Lots of orange glowing people searching for a beer, it's like an episode from the Simpsons smile